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Online pharmacy reviews of will help you to learn everything about including information about their coupon discounts, shipping policies, customer feedback, prescription requirements, and best selling medicines. Pharmacy Coupon
                              - 5% off is a great choice and, from our research, has received very positive feedback from their customers. This pharmacy offers a full list of quality generic drugs from India at great prices. Their website is very secure and easy to navigate. $10 shipping takes a couple of weeks from India. There is a quicker trackable courier service option available for $30. provides many bonuses such as free pills and free shipping on large orders.
Special Offers:
Free Pills, Discounts, Special Promotions, 5% Bonus Coupon (see below). Check the website for frequent updates.
1) Courier Service:-5-9 Days (Tracking).
2) Standard International Airmail:- 10-21 Days (No Tracking)
Free Standard Airmail Service for all orders for more than $150
Shipping facilities all over the world.
Contact Info:
Live support available, US toll free number
• Payment by a credit card
• Money Gram
• Western Union
• Bitcoin, Monero
Medical Consultations:
Usually prescriptions are not required. However, some products available in their pharmacy require a valid prescription.
Types of Drugs Sold:

Free Standard
                                Airmail Service for all orders for more
                                than $150 offers a wide range of quality generic prescription drugs at significant savings for the benefit of their customers. The following is a list of types of drugs sold:

Anti fungal drugs
Anti hair-loss drugs (e.g. propecia)
Anti obesity drugs (e.g. xenical)
Antidepressants (e.g. prozac, paxil, zyban)
Benzodiazapenes (e.g. valium, xanax, klonopin, diazepam)
Contraceptive medications
Drugs for stopping smoking (e.g. chantix)
Erectile dysfunction drugs (cialis, viagra, levitra)

** For a complete list of quality medications, visit

 How to receive your Bonus Coupon (5%)

 There is a question ‘Have a coupon?’ on the final Checkout Page. After clicking on it a special form will appear.  Enter POP1 and click on ‘Submit’ button. The system will reduce the total amount of the order by 5%. Only one  coupon can be used with one order. If you use it, the question (Have a coupon?) disappears.


Customer Feedback and Testimonials

Customer feedback for has been very positive with regards to quality of generic drugs, pricing and customer service.

Written by James
Used these guys and so far had no problems with payment card on card used and meds arrived in 12 days in discrete packaging and all ok. I am happy and will use again as they have delivered.
(Source: Best Pharm Guide)

Written by Jakob Black
Good First Experience. Everything (so far) went perfectly well. No fraudulent charges, everything arrived on time, customer service answered my questions.

FYI: Package that arrives at your door does indicate that it is "health supplies" from India. You also need to sign for it if the fastest delivery option is chosen.
(Source: Best Pharm Guide)

Written by Jim Green
My first order went well. The pills worked great. For my second order I ordered a larger quantity and the pills had no affect ALTHOUGH customer service was very helpful and sent a replacement order and the pills worked. I just placed my third order (with 7% off for the repeat discount) and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will be good. I lost $180 at a different site before these guys so I was happy to find the good reviews and have two sets of pills work great (after the replacement). If this order goes well I will place a larger order so I don't have to order so frequently. The other reviewer was right when they said it shows up from India and says "Medical Supplies".
(Source: Best Pharm Guide)

Written by Martin
I have made four orders over the past few months for ED pills with no problem. All the orders have been made using my visa card with no issues and they have all arrived within the 21 days quoted to me here in the U.K although one order arrived with only part of the pills and when I emailed them I received a generic reply saying they had received my email and would get back to me in due course, after two days I had not had a reply so I contacted them through there online support,, the girl was very helpful and reassured me the remainder of my order would be with me within 21 days and if not to contact them again, the remainder of my order arrived the following day.I have had some emails which is slightly irritating but I just delete it, its no big deal!, especially when I was prescribed cialis by my doctor and it was so expensive I could not afford the cost, I think I can put up with a few spam emails.The Cialis I use work really well no problems at all and my wife is very happy, all in all I am very happy to use and more than pleased with my improved sexual health, it has made a big difference to our relationship.
(Source: Best Pharm Guide)

Written by sandiego
Skin items legit. I purchased 20mg Accutane and 0.05 mg Retin-a. When I started on the Accutane I thought it was fake because I didn't feel the same symptoms (dry lips and eyes) like I was used to. I increased the dosage slightly and then started to feel the dryness come on. So maybe the dosage is slightly less than 20mg, but still ultimately effective. The retin-a immediately started the expected peeling, so that was never in question. Customer service is not Zappos-level; terse and not very helpful. My first order of Accutane was only 30 pills so I could test it out, so I tried to order more. The product has been discontinued and the customer service rep said she didn't know if they would be getting any more. I've monitored my credit card usage closely, no nasty extra charges. Package arrived within 2 weeks, registered mail.

Editor's Comment: Unforunately no longer supplys Accutane.
(Source: Best Pharm Guide)

Written by Steve
Very pleased overall. Would echo all the positive comments about Order arrived promptly, with a slight substitution of one item (not an issue)but was well packed and appears to be high quality. Best of all, this site took a Mastercard which is virtually unknown for an online Indian chemist. Price slightly higher than others but happy to pay this for a reliable site. Would definitely use them again.
(Source: Best Pharm Guide)

Written by metis3
I ordered some migraine medication from them. No problems using my credit card, no extra charges have shown up. I received my order about 3 weeks ago, but didn't write a review right away to see if any extra charges showed up on my card. None did. The product is genuine, works well, not the best price but much better than I could have gotten it in USA. I see other people said Visa wouldn't let them order, but I had no problems with it. The store immediately gave me a tracking number, everything arrived in good shape, no substitutions or incorrect amounts. It definitely took the full 30 days for it to arrive, this was with the $10.00 shipping.
(Source: Best Pharm Guide)

Written by David
Not bad at all Wasn't bad, I've placed two orders and the came albeit a little later than advertised. It was about two to three days late. Second order is on time and the price isn't bad at all for generic ERD meds. The meds seems weaker though but still works. All in all I will order again from them
(Source: Best Pharm Guide)

Written by Robert
Very Happy Customer. I ordered a generic Cialis Pro 20mg for my ED not only is it a fraction of the price I pay for a private prescription from my GP but these tablets work better!! I paid the regular postage cost around £6 I think and my meds arrived in 18 days so all in all not bad and I had to sign for them on arrival via Royal Mail. I used my Visa card and have been keeping a close check to make sure there have been no dodgy charges as I was slightly worried but am glad to say there has been no problem. I will most definitely use them again and this time go for a larger order... Overall I am well pleased with
(Source: Best Pharm Guide)

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