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We regret to inform our readers that we can no longer recommend for the following reasons:
  • Customers reporting missing deliveries
  • Expensive when compared to other pharmacies
  • No longer accept checks, money orders or credit card payments
  • Only accept international transfer wires
  • Customers disappointment with the quality of medicines

We appreciate that EdandMore provides hard-to-find drugs however, where possible, we recommend buying medicines from reputable pharmacies . Reputable online pharmacies such as or

Customer Feedback and Testimonials

In our opinion overall customer feedback has been very negative with regards to quality of generic drugs, pricing and customer service. Below are samples of customer feedback.

Total Change Required
I need a total change. My order history has been deleted and the only product I ordered from them is gone. I pray I get my final orders- 7 shipments with tracking numbers out there somewhere. Just want to get what I paid for. Need to find a new site for my product.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Never Sent My Order
Never sent my order. I sent in an order a month ago and still haven't received the shipment. is not a reliable company!
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Edandmore Going Down Hill
I have used for about three years now. Prior to this summer, this online pharmacy was the absolute best. The generic soma is the real deal, they took check or money order and on average it took about 7 to 10 days to receive product in the Midwest . But a series of really bad business decisions were made such as slowing down the processing time, a hike in prices, now they no longer take checks or money orders, and all these changes without telling anyone prior. The latest move now is the only take electronic payment. I have never done that before, and from what I understand, it is a hassle! I am sooooo disappointed with these changes. This used to be one of the best online pharmacies ever, really guys. Now, it is just terrible. I wish they would go back to business as usual. If they did, I would once again order from them twice a month like before. I have moved on from edandmore. I now order from a very good pharmacy in India. Good prices, any quantity you want. Good meds. I will check back from time to time to see if edandmore changes their business practices, hoping they will change back.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

The Ship Has Sailed!
I have used with great success for many years for a variety of products. They are a bit slow but generally deliver what they promise. When I first started using them 2+ yeas ago, they accepted credit cards. That stopped in early 2012. I used alternatives for a while but started using them again when i noticed more postive reviews within their thread ( inside the forum ) . However, now they would only accept Money Orders or Checks. I chose Money Orders. Sadly, someone there has doomed this business by recently making what can only be described as one the worst business decisions I have ever seen. This vendor recently started accepting only Telegraphic Transfers ( Wire Service) and have lost me and countless others as customers. The good news is, I was easily able to find a replacement vendor quickly using the Forum. Te best part? The new vendor ships the same product at about 40% less than EdandMore. Terrible shame because this was a reliable vendor for a long time. There is no reason to do what they have done unless you've had countless complaints. My advice? Keep looking.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Was Great, Now Worried
Short Version: Very happy with first purchase, want to re-order but now they are only accepting "telegraphic transfer" and CS hasn't responded to my request for details, as instructed, so now I'm worried things are not so good anymore?
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Terrible Experience
Due to being in Canada and the fact that most International Online Pharmacies do not ship here, my options were pretty limited. To its credit does ship to Canada and does seem to have cheap prices. However, the negatives far outweigh the positives. I placed my order on July the 9th and mailed my check to the Texas location the same day. It took them 3 weeks to even receive and process the check. After I saw my check was in processing I figured at least it was worth the wait, but they then rejected the check for using red ink. EdandMore definitely wasted 3 weeks of my time only to reject check for a petty reason. They would be a pretty good pharmacy if they had credit credit card processing. Even if your check is accepted be prepared to wait 5-6 weeks for your order assuming you send your check out on time and it isn't rejected for some scrupulous reason.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

EdandMore Incompetent & Deceitful
I previously placed two orders with for Modafinil. I live in Canada so sent them a post office money order in US funds. As soon as they received the money order the Modafinil was shipped and I was happy with the product. This time I sent another money order as instructed and this is where it all started to go wrong. I mailed the money order on the 12th of July. On the 22nd of July I phoned their help desk because I had heard nothing. They said they received the money order that day but it had to go to New York to be cleared. I asked why they didn't mention this clearing period when I ordered and the robotic help desk operator was unable to give me an answer. She said it would be 3-4 days to clear and then they would ship. I also asked why my order status continued to show that they didn't have my money order and she said not to worry. Five days later I got an email saying I still hadn't made a payment so I phoned the help desk again to ask what was going on. She said to ignore the email and that as soon as my money order cleared the product would be sent. Today, 7 days after they received my money order I got an email that simply stated "Canadian checks are no longer accepted". I have no idea what they are going to do with my almost $200 money order and I can't get hold of anyone at EdandMore to explain the situation to me. Out of curiosity I placed another order with them and was told to send a money order to them in Texas. No mention of Canadian money orders not being accepted and no mention of the lengthy clearing times. It is now 3 weeks since I sent them my money. I am out the cost of the money order, I am out the nearly $20 it cost to send the money order by registered mail and I have no idea when or even if they will be sending me back my money order. Six months ago I would have recommended EdandMore. Now I would warn anyone who is thinking of sending them money because these idiots are making up rules as they go along. (Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Accepted Cheque But Cacelled Order
Six weeks after sending a check for Sun brand Modalert and being notified that my check was "accepted," I discovered that had canceled my order. They said this was because in my past order two years ago I had received both a refund and the product. That is exactly right -- the company owner, when I was finally allowed to get through to her, was so furious with her staff's behavior that she refunded my money and gave me the product. Now the staff is using her decision as the basis of a determination that "Ed and More is unable to process your future orders." I'm lucky that my check was returned, but it was sent postmarked on the very day that I phoned them to ask where my order was. If I hadn't called, I believe the company would simply have kept my money without sending the product. I have sent an email addressed to the owner, Mrs. Bernadette Smith in Australia, to see if she can again help me with the order, but the Ed and More staff is not allowing my email to go through to the owner. I don't know whether the owner has instructed the staff to behave in this way or does not know what her staff is doing.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

SPIER Modafinil made me sleep FAKE PILLS
I had to resort to getting my Provigil/Modafinil from overseas as I was having problems since I change jobs and insurance. The MODAFINIL from Ed and More SPIER is CRAP, it made me sleep, I felt lethargic all day after taking it, and it was prescribe for Narcolepsy and shift work disorder( WHAT THE HELL?) My main worry was that it would not come, and I would loose money, but it did, took about a month to arrive. I sent a check to Texas(which I hated doing)it took exactly 2 weeks to clear in New York??? then status was updated to ship, which took another two weeks, of course I was waiting like a kid at Christmas. I read a lot about Modafinil and decided that the first test was to put the pill in water as Modafinil should not dissolve in water, well, this pill whatever it is, dissolved almost immediately. I was disappointed but decided to still give it a try, there was more disappointment in store when I went camping and took the pill, only to fall asleep in the RV while everyone was having fun outside, 2 days in a row, what nonsense, are they trying to kill us? why do this when you can make money providing genuine generic. I have contacted customer support and they advised that I return the remainder to them. I will update if anyone interested, but I recommend you stay away, or if you are desperate as I was, try the other brand or another pharmacy. FAKE MEDS
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Tadalafil 20mg was fake
Wish Generic For All was still around. They were great. I had a similar experience to a prior reviewer. I bought some tadalafil 20mg, which I also believe were simple sugar pills (manufacturer is Spierx). Absolutely ineffective. I contacted customer service by phone and returned them. It took almost 6 weeks but I just received a money order for the refund. I will never again. In the meantime I ordered tadalafil 20mg from IndiaPharma and it works great.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Not good
Very expensive compared to others out there. Also has a very limited selection. No generic tramadol.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

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