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We regret to inform our readers that we can no longer recommend for the following reasons:
  • customers reporting suspect billing practices
  • customers unsatisfied with the quality of medicines
  • unable to accept checks, money orders or credit card payments
  • only able to accept international transfer wires
  • too many hassles ordering medicines from their website
  • medicines not received on time
  • poor customer service

We recommend buying medicines from reputable online pharmacies such as or

Customer Feedback and Testimonials

In our opinion, overall customer feedback has been very negative with regards to quality of generic drugs, pricing and customer service. Below are samples of customer feedback.

Fake Meds ( Spier T Ject 60 )
I received the order of T-Ject60 (Tadalafil 20mg + Dapoxetine 60mg) from Seychelles by Registered Airmail in about 10 days from shipping date. Pills simply don't work. I usually use Tadalafil 5mg (Cipla one) daily and it works very well. I also used Dapoxetine of another brand and it also works well on a 30mg dose. So the problem is about these crap pills. No effect at all taking a whole one. Since Spier is not a real pharmaceutical company I asked to the customer support the real manufacturer of the pills and they didn't want to tell me this information. I'm sure they made their crap Spier products in some illegal labs maybe in China. Now I want to ask to a friend who can make lab test to the pills if he can check the real active ingredients of the pills. I'll update this post soon
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Problems With Payments
I use this place to place all of my orders, but my experience with BM leads me to worry. I have paid with bank account info and credit cards already, but sending a wire transfer?!? Not just that, a lot of their product is Spierx. Spier-Rx's own pharmaceutical website is not even active and the reviews for their products go from good to bad, from the same people at times (the guy that ordered two completely different items from them that look/taste/packaged identically and share the same and only effect of a splitting headache comes to mind). Very inconsistent and some fake product it seems from time to time. The update for editors is that despite saying they accept VISA, it will be denied everytime, no matter how many times or different cards you use. Only after asking them a few times on the phone or online, that you are told you should use other methods to pay (there is only one): INTERNATIONAL WIRE TRANSFER. That would have been much better to mention the first couple of attempts where I said to them that I called my bank a few times which has no record of any attempted transaction even taking place. Hopefully, they won't take the credit card info from my attempts at a purchase to run up my credit cards as a few other people seem to have experienced on here.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Too Much oF a Hassle
Ordering shouldn't be such a pain. I've tried to order from 4 times and each time I get: Invalid State Data Format submitted. Please try again. What is the problem?
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

50/50 chance of getting what you paid for
I have ordered several different drugs from in the past 4 years on more than once occasion. All of the drugs i received have been manufactured in illegitimate pharmacies, which is no big surprise. About half the time i received drugs that were fakes that did not contain any actual medication. In one instance i ordered generic Tramadol and Cialis in the same order. The Tramadol was a round tablet with an orangeish/tan color packed in a blister pack, and the Cialis was sort of a oval shape, with the same color, same type of blister pack and ironically, with the exact same information printed on the blister pack, except for the drug name. Both pills had the exact same effect - a major head-splitting headache along with a woozy feeling. Both pills also seemed to be made of the same thing - I broke them open and they had the same taste, odor, and appearance (white powder). I have no idea what was in those pills, but its not something i ever want to take again. Then on other occasions, i received pills that seemed to be what they were supposed to be, but still manufactured by some illegitimate pharmacy. I would bet this pharmacy isn't trying to sell people fake drugs, but they apparently buy illegally-manufactured drugs on the black market without really knowing if the drugs are fake or not. So you take you chances with this. Its probably no different from any other black market pharmacy. Just beware that about half the time you might be getting some unknown chemical.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Credit Card Fraud!!!
Credit Card Fraud!!! Have used them for last couple of years - no problems - last order i got Buproprion are not genuine i know this because they simply dont work. Got a call from my bank yesterday to alert me to suspicious activity on my account only small amounts used to pay for things in dollars (im from Europe and rarely pay in dollars apart from BM pharmacy) i think these small payments were "feelers" to see if i noticed then im sure i would have had my account cleared out. Such a shame because i never had any problems with before but they have just lost a regular customer. Ah well i will have to go somewhere else. :(
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Avoid BM pharmacy at all costs
1. They will sell your name address contact numbers away and you will receive a lot of spam emails calls.
2. Your credit card details will be sold away , you will have fraudulent charges on your credit card
3. Your might receive your drugs if you are lucky.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Poor Selection has a poor selection of meds. Prices aren't that great either. Can't speak of product quality or delivery.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Well that was a waste of time
I really can't comment on this site's drugs, cost, or relibility as 2 of my cc companies refused to take the charge. Raises a big red flag for me. Simple diabetes drug, nothing controlled, but I'll shop elsewhere.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Rip Off Site
I ordered pills from, with an extra charge of USD 35 for expedited shipping. A month later, the pills have not arrived, the date given to me online chatting, emails and calls keeps moving farther and farther out (now to Feb 18), and they refuse to do anything. On one chat, the representative said I should have received the merchandise, so she insisted that she would get a manager to approve a refund of my 35 USD. Then they called and said I could only get a future discount of 35 USD on a future order. I told them "why would I do a future order when a month later I still have not received the first order." Last status was - It will take 6 weeks for me to get my merchandise (Fat chance) and there will be a "check in the mail" to refund my expedited shipping charge of 35 USD. I would stay away from this site. Pick anything, even spam sites, as you cannot do worse. I doubt I will ever get the package, and I know I will never get the expedited shipping refund.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Long Wait for Receipt of Order
I placed my first order as a test, risking only $25 on the order, in mid-September. I didn't receive it until late November. I've not, at least thus far, experienced any phone calls or emails as a result, I AM concerned because I've read so many reviews citing so many experiences of fraudulent charges, continued calls from Indian telemarketers, etc. I previously used a different that was a little more expensive, but I'm going back to them for peace of mind and ease of ordering. BM Pharmacy was a real pain to order from. I emailed my order, waited for a code, then had to go to a local drugstore to use a special phone for ordering through an intermediary, then pay at the drugstore, then go back online to get my code. What a hassle! The effort clearly wasn't worth the savings. Because the Ratings are required, I rated the Product Quality "3" even though I haven't tried it yet. Nor did I use their customer service.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Complete dissapointment
This pharmacy requires the payment for 1st order to be made by Bank Transfer, even that on site it gives you an option to pay with credit card. So instead of payment with credit card, you have to transfer money to bank in New York! Customer service (by lovella) was also not willing to assist - why don't they accept credit card??? Complete dissapointment!
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Cheap But Some Inconsistencies
To the point: Tried generic Cialis in 2 different orders with no effect but Vardenfil(?)was fine. Also, hard to gauge effectiveness of generic PROPECIA but have noticed that some pill orders have tasted bitter which worries me. Finally, and this irritates me to no end, following the last order I placed came a flurry of SPAM email related to ED, that have not let up. Often my full name is in the heading. I can only blame security with BM Pharmacy for this. Use caution with these matters. Although I am going to try another pharmacy, I still recommend if you can avoid my annoyances with the company.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

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